How To Turn Your Backyard into A Staycation Haven

When work from home is the new normal with travel restrictions all around the world, finding a place to relax and wind down is difficult. You may be tempted to turn your backyard into a relaxing place where you can chill out and have fun with your friends. Before you search for “landscape companies near me” let’s figure out how you can make your backyard into a staycation haven:

The Steps

1. Get rid of the clutter – Your yard may have a lot of unnecessary things left by the previous owner. Play equipment, slides and swings for kids, large hedges and bushes, and much more. You may not need all of that. For instance, you don’t need the slides and swings if you have teenagers who are too old for that. You can donate them to a park or a family who needs them. If hedges and bushes that have been out of maintenance don’t fit your aesthetic appeal get rid of them.

Make space for things you want. Things that fit your idea of a vacation. A large fire pit with seats all around or lazy wooden chairs for relaxing on your back. Maybe a hammock for reading novels with a large hat under the summer sun? It can also be things that you enjoy. For instance, if you’re a fitness freak, you may be better off with a few sets of dumbbells, mats, multi-gym equipment, and more in your backyard. If cooking relaxes you, an open outdoor kitchen setup may be your thing. Get rid of the clutter that you don’t need and store the rest to get a clean canvas that can be customized according to your needs.

2. Get comfortable seats – While regular weatherproof seating can be installed with concrete or stone, you may want something more to make it into a staycation haven. You want loungers, deep seating, and chaise lounges that let you stretch yourself and unwind under the shade, by the pool, or at the patio. You don’t need to compromise on style, but comfort should be your priority. Stylish seating looks pretty and gets you compliments. However, this staycation project is for you and you’re more likely to kick back and relax with beer and burgers when you have comfortable seating that can keep you that way for hours.

3. Landscaping – Think about your favorite destination spot. Does it have tropical pine and coconut trees, or do you want to see evergreen trees studding your property? Depending on your choice you can create landscaping that aligns with your interests and sets a coherent theme that will keep you mesmerized throughout the year.

However, it’s also important to be practical. For instance, if you live in the Vegas desert and want tropical trees in your backyard it’s not going to happen. You can try, but they will die out very quickly forcing you to contract another expensive landscaping project. There’s no reason why your staycation haven can’t be sustainable. You need to adapt to local varieties that resemble the flora of your dream destination. Visit the local botanical garden or nursery to find your favorite native trees, shrubs, and vines that thrive in the local climate. You can also consult with your landscaper about this.

4. Use the view – Few people are lucky enough to afford a beautiful view out of their home. If you have one, don’t be hesitant about taking advantage of the scenery. Embrace it and make it the focal point of your staycation instead of hiding it with tall trees, vines, hedges, or furniture. Make sure that your landscaping is in harmony with the view and compliments it instead of competing with it. A grand view helps to relax your mind, calms you down, and takes away the daily stress. Make it a part of your staycation haven. 

5. Make your deck or patio more inviting – A charcoal grill with stone or concrete slabs and polymer chairs around it is a sorry sight in any backyard, staycation or not. Design a space that makes you want to finish your work as quickly as possible and spend time at your patio or deck. You can fill it up with potted plants of different kinds that welcome you and force you to leave the warm environment of your home to the cozy and laid-back patio. Add lanterns, fresh flowers, blankets, pillows, and mats to ramp up the coziness. You can also add a stone or marble firepit with relaxing couches to sit and grill some delicious meat while enjoying the company of your partner or friends.

6. Lighting – Outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to change the ambiance of your staycation when the sun sets. Choose a warm color temperature to illuminate your outdoor area and highlight the places you want. Choose attractive weatherproof light fixtures over the seating area and add ground lighting to make your plants appear more vibrant after dark. This kind of ambiance makes you and your guests enjoy the outdoor setting and stay there as long as possible.

7. Add a water feature – If you live in the suburbs and have a large enough backyard, the perfect water feature would be a swimming pool. It lets you cool down during the summer and have private pool parties within the safe confines of your property. However, it can be quite expensive. A more affordable option would be a bird fountain. The sound and sight of the trickling water in the fountain will calm you down in any situation and bring the Zen to your backyard. You can also add a bird feeding spot nearby to invite the local birds to your staycation. This way you can enjoy the chirps and other mesmerizing sounds that will transport you to your favorite destination.


Now that you know how to turn your backyard into the ideal staycation haven, you should start planning the changes and search for “landscape companies near me” to get the project started. How To Turn Your Backyard into A Staycation Haven