5 design features for your Norwegian kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home, with the most time being spent there preparing meals and connecting with loved ones after a long day.

When designing your kitchen in Norway, you can make use of Scandinavian style elements to enhance your home and kitchen area. The Scandinavian style focuses on clean, natural looks with a minimalistic approach to displaying items. If you are in Norway and would like to find companies that provide beautiful decor that is functional, visit Norskeanmeldelser.no to read reviews from customers who have given feedback on decor companies and more in Norway.

There are five basic design elements that are used to create the perfect Scandinavian style kitchen. By combining light wooden floors, white walls, and pops of color in the form of art and decor, you can capture the style trend effortlessly. If you are interested in decor that can be both functional as well as eye-catching, you might like Coolstuff. By clicking on the link, you can read real customer reviews on this company as well as the products it provides. This is particularly useful in your decision-making process when choosing a company that provides great quality goods at affordable prices.

Five Major Design Elements

#1) Simple white spaces

White walls create a clean look and can make any room seem bigger than it is. It also creates a modern feel.

#2) Lighting

Lighting is an important design element, as it can add character to any space as well as brightening up even the darkest of rooms. Wall lights, sconces and ceiling lights can all be used to create a bright, well-lit kitchen.

#3) Wooden flooring

Wooden floors are classic and durable. It is the perfect material to use in a high traffic space such as a kitchen, as it is easy to clean as well as practical. By combining a light wood floor with white walls, even the smallest room can appear much larger than it is.

#4) Bright furniture and decor

With minimalism, less is more, and this can be seen in the way Norwegians decorate their kitchens. As the saying goes, there is a place for everything and everything in its place. Anything that is not in use is stored in cabinets and not displayed on countertops. Instead, vases of fresh-cut flowers or a colorful chair at the breakfast nook add a pop of color in an otherwise simple kitchen.

#5) Contemporary art

Wall art can add a pop of color to a wall and even create a focal point for the room. By choosing something that reflects your personal style, you can create a room that shows your personality and style perfectly. A fun advent calendar during the holiday season can also be a way of introducing decor into your kitchen.


If you are looking for more ideas on how to create the perfect Scandinavian kitchen, you can read design blogs and search the internet for ideas. Always compare prices and shop at reputable stores to guarantee quality items at the best prices.