Roofing in New Zealand Homes

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The most common roofing materials used in New Zealand today long run colour Steel and tiles, mostly coated steel tiles. The roofing sector is very competitive, but for all that there are simply not enough roofing contractors in New Zealand to meet the demand.

Re-roofing for old houses is mostly done using long run colour Steel, because this can be easily installed on any type of old roof frame. Sometimes additional patterns or bracing needs to be installed, but mostly the roofing Dunedin can be mounted on top of new roofing paper over the existing roof frame.

The advantage of long run colour Steel is that it is easily installed and easy to work with, because it is light and easy to form and cut to fit around roof structures such as ridges, gullies, chimneys and exposed vertical piping. For the roofer the impact driver and roofing batten screws is an essential tool of trade, simply because a batten screw can be inserted through the roof and into the wooden frame in one to two seconds, and leave a very fine and waterproof finish in the process. Long gone are the days of a roofer hammering in lead head nails.

Older houses can also be removed using tiles, as long as they are reasonably lightweight such as coated steel tiles. These are more time consuming to install simply because a lot more tiles are needed to cover the same area that a single sheet will cover. The tiles will be laid starting at the roof edge and working up to the top Ridge, and the tiles will need to be cut and formed around any intermediate ridges and Gullies and any chimney and pipework. Modern tiles can look very attractive, and because they are coated with the equivalent of sand they can be a lot quieter during the heavy rain and hail storm then a normal long run steel roof, but this is really the only main benefit of a tile roof. They simply look more expensive then a long run steel roof – remember that it is possible to do it yourself.

A new roof will add a lot of value to an existing old house, because not only does it look great but it also is now completely weatherproofed and totally maintenance-free for at least a decade. For many old houses that are about to be sold, the investment in a brand new roof can pay for itself many times over simply because of the increase in sales price of the house.

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