Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at Various Round Coffee Tables to Give Your Living Room a Nice Boost of Look

You may want to keep your coffee there or keep your keys and remote from getting lost in the void of the couch. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, everyone needs a coffee table for their living space. Here are some of the best round coffee tables that can boost the look of your living room:

1. Coffee table with geometric metal base – This coffee table can be a great addition to your living room with its unique and modern aesthetics. The tabletop is solid and has a glossy yet scratch-resistant surface that won’t get damaged easily. Since the top is white it would go nicely with your white drapes, white walls, and white cushion on the couches. The geometric legs also look amazing. And are made from metal, they are sturdy enough to tolerate a lot of weight without caving in. Moreover, the gold trim on the legs and the perimeter of the tabletop looks stunning.

2. Round glass coffee table with brass base – This table is all about that brass. Brass rods come down from the table symmetrically angled and form points for the hexagon base. The hard angles on the base along with the curved and beautifully finished glass top create a striking and delightful contrast. If you have modern decor, this is one of the best coffee tables for you.

3. Round coffee table with golden X base – This coffee table provides you a high-quality premium look on a budget. It has a metal base with four legs that come down at an angle and join in pairs. This creates a beautiful X on your floor and the lustrous paint on the metal surface further enhances the look. The top is also amazing and made from faux marble. It also features a smooth laminate surface at the top and can fit into any living room setting. You don’t have to worry about putting anything heavy on it since it can tolerate as much as 100 pounds of weight.

4. Marble round table with pedestal – If budget isn’t an issue. Consider this coffee table made from genuine marble. While it’s expensive than its faux alternates, it is much more durable, and the genuine texture is worth every penny. Moreover, it can last you for decades if maintained properly. The base adds another layer of luxury with its pedestal form. You will sip coffee like a king when you have this table.

5. Round coffee table with storage – For those with function as the top priority, this table is a fine purchase. Apart from being a round coffee table, it also provides you plenty of hidden storage. The base has plenty of storage room and the additional compartments make organizing your things a breeze.   


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you think about the theme of your living room and choose a coffee table accordingly. All of them are made from great materials and won’t disappoint you.