5 Tips on How to Become a Successful Notary Agent

Now that you’re a notary signing agent, you probably want to be successful at your job. Becoming a notary signing agent isn’t easy. You have to become a notary first and then learn everything there is to know about the rules of the notary commission. When you’re ready with this arsenal of information, you’re prepared to go from a notary to a notary signing agent.

But now that you have all the licenses you need and are a notary signing agent, what do you do next?

How Do You Become Successful As a Notary Signing Agent?

The first thing you need to do to become a successful notary signing agent is to dedicate yourself. You’ll be spending a lot of time gathering resources, learning about your industry, and equipping yourself with the skills you need to succeed.

The more you’re willing to invest in your career, the more successful you’re likely to be. Here are five successful strategies that can enable you to grow your career as a notary signing agent:

1. Organize Your Information

Notary signing agents spend a lot of time learning about their profession. From reference materials necessary for your job to a collection of all the contact details of clients and other people you gather on the job. All this information can be of use to you at different points in time.

That means that adequately organizing them is a great idea. Now there are two ways you can do this. You can either get a spiral-bound notebook or a binder, where you can physically amass information and documents you come across. You can alternatively do this same thing on your personal computer or laptop. Using a resource like the Google suite of services can enable you to view this information from your phone or tablet instantly.

Ideally, do both. You’ll inevitably keep coming across documents and pieces of information that you may want to jot down. A physical binder can be risky because fire damage, water damage, or even dampness can instantly ruin your data collection. You may even up losing your notebook or binder.

A digital resource ensures that all your information stays safe, from client contact details to reference materials you had to work hard to come across. Having a physical binder and a digital backup ensures that all the knowledge you gather is saved, stored, and always available.

2. Create a Brand Image For Yourself

Notary signing agents don’t often focus on developing a brand image. But this can help you to stand out from the crowd and build upon prospective clients the impression you want to build. People are also more likely to remember logos and catchy hooks under your business name rather than your number or even your name.

Remember, however, that the brand you create should be based on professionalism. While a funny brand image or even an excellent one complete with luxurious backgrounds might get your attention, it isn’t the attention you want or need.

Instead, create a professional look for your business. Always approach people courteously and professionally, and conduct your affairs such that people find you reliable and trustworthy.

3. Networking and Events

The more people you know as a notary signing agent, the more successful you’re likely to be. This is especially true if you rely on client referrals of word of mouth marketing to get more clients.

Networking events, especially those dedicated to notaries, can be an excellent place to make new contacts. It’s also a great way to learn more about and gather knowledge about your industry. Consider attending notary discussion venues. You may find further information and references that can enable you to perform even better in your career.

An important tip about attending such events is using them as a way to market yourself as well. Always carry an ample number of business cards with you whenever you go to any event. Hand these out to the people you meet, even if they are notary signing agents themselves. You never know who can refer a client to you. Marketing yourself as much as possible is helps you open doors to new referrals and clients.

4. Ranking on Search Engines

To become successful as a notary signing agent, you will need to attract prospective and returning clients. One of the most valuable ways of doing this is with the help of search engines. Google’s search engine, for example, is one of the most widely used ways of finding information anywhere in the world.

If someone within your service area where to look for the keywords ‘notary signing agent near me, then they will be shown a list of websites of the nearby notary signing agents. It would be best if you wanted to have your website ranking as high as possible. Should your website be visible on the second page, you will get a few clients. This number goes down as you go to the third page and so on.

The websites listed higher on the first page of the Google search engine rankings get the most clicks. It would be best if you wanted your notary signing agent website to appear here. This can be achieved in several ways:

  • Use SEO optimization.
  • Client testimonials and reviews.
  • Positive online reviews on relevant sites.
  • Backlinks from popular social media platforms.

Use a combination of these tips to rank high on search engine pages.

5. Have a Growth-Oriented Mindset

To be successful as a notary signing agent, you’ll need to grow in your career. A growth-oriented mindset can help you to amass knowledge, stay prepared, and make informed business decisions.

Notary signing agents need to remember a lot of information, be perceptive and know various short forms. Knowing what terms lime DOT (deed of trust) and POA (power of attorney) mean can help you going forward. Various such short forms are commonly used in the industry.


These five tips can help you find success as a notary signing agent. By investing yourself in your career and putting in the time to learn and grow, you’ll be able to create a successful and positive future for yourself.

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